David Irvine of


Firstly let me tell you a little about myself. I am a computer consultant who specialises in financial computing. I work principally in the City of London (England) as a computer contractor. I have worked in several European countries, and in the USA. I specialise in front office development, and projects that I have worked on include:--

Analytical Trading systems (trading on mathematical models).

Portfolio management systems.

Risk analysis systems.

Settlement systems.

Bond broking systems.

Repo Trading systems.

I have worked on trading systems in market sectors including:--



Fixed income.


My company also offers a complete solution for small companies, which includes specifying hardware and software, installing equipment (including networks) and supporting the system as the companies evolve (and their requirements change).

My company is also involved in security. This not only encompasses computer security, but I also act as a property (private and retail) security consultant, and can either install or recommend who to install appropriate security devices, and IRVINE TECHNOLOGIES LTD. also holds a patent on a car security device.